Monday, October 18, 2010

Lidded Pitchers

I am finally getting to a point with these lidded pitchers where I feel like I know what I want from them. Meaning that I feel that I have worked out enough of the details so that I can actually be somewhat satisfied with them. This does not mean that they are done evolving, It just means that they are to a point were I will fire them.

The two pitchers above are quite small. I think I would envision them as personal teapots. I am avoiding telling you to many of my ideas about them because I would like to request some feedback on them. I would like anyone who has time to give me a one word critique of the two pitchers above. Just simply comment on the post with the word that comes to mind when you see them. All feedback will be much appreciated.


  1. "Percolator"

    I think Cookingwithgas and I are seeing the same thing here. Back in the 70's I used to see coffee percolators everywhere (Do they even make them anymore?) that look something like what you have going here. This is an interesting idea you are playing with. Have fun! Good luck!

  2. The handle looks like it might be a bit tight after firing.

  3. I agree about the handle, too tight. especially if it's filled with hot liquid, don't wanna burn your knuckles.

    I also think the base is too narrow. aesthetically it looks great but functionally i think it will be unstable. fill that with liquid and give the table a good bump and see if they're still standing.

    the knobs seem to be unresolved, they don't echo anything about the pot but the verticality.

    these look really good though.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback!

    The handles may be a bit tight but I want them tight to echo the verticality of the pot. On these smaller pots, no more than 6in or so, I think they will fit two fingers.

    Brandon-thanks for bringing the narrow base to my attension. It was one of those things that I just couldnt see but now seems obvious. I think it will be interesting to play with the relationship between the diameter of the rim and the diameter of the foot.

    I agree with your opinion on the knobs as well. I think I may try to echo the angles of the fooot and bottom portion of the pot in the knob.