Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pouring pots

I have Incorporated a cup form that I have been working with into some pouring pots. I took the essential form of the cup and changed the proportions and size of them in order to make them work with a teapot and lidded pitcher form. Although the cup form was originally influenced by a cup of sequoia millers that I have, I feel that I have stolen the form rather than borrowed it. Stealing means that you take the idea and make it your own while borrowing suggests that you use the idea but do not change it. I have found that using the same essential form for a teapot and cups helps to make sets that "work" visually.The spout and lugs on this teapot help to balance the angular form of the pot. This teapot will eventually have a woven reed handle. The handle will also aid the balance and help to soften up the angular body of the pot.
I have been working with a sketch book a lot, drawing pots that I may eventually make. I arrived at this lidded pitcher form by drawing different versions of the aforementioned cup form and stretching the proportions. Then I think about what form it could be and add the necessary parts to the drawing. I think that drawing pots really helps to balance out the proportion of pots and also to weed out a lot of bad ideas.


  1. I like the teapot a lot. Only thing I would focus more on is the flow of the spout, it could be the picture but it looks like it has kind of a kink to it.

    Amazing how drawing actually helps isn't it....

  2. The spout does have a kink in it, but it was intentional. It is kindof pinched together, I like the bottom profile of the spout to flow with the pot but I like the pinched and worked over look as well. I havent made many of these kindof spouts so they still need some work but if you look at the line created by the bottom profile of the spout I think it has a pretty good flow.

    Ya who would've thought all those artsy people actually know something!

  3. love them... I am finding my head of ideas is ahead of the reality of life and keep sketching to same them before POOF... they are gone.

  4. Thats the reason I started using a sketch book. It deffinetly helps to develop ideas as well though.

  5. i really like the lids to these. especially on the teapot.