Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vase Series

I have been working on making some sectional vases recently. The photo above shows a series of vases in the order in which they were made from left to right. The vases clearly get better as they move to right and the series progresses. This picture shows my series of vases and my progression through the form but also proves that making in a series works. I found that the key factor for me with this form was getting the proportions of the neck to match the body. The diameter where the neck meets the body and also where the neck ends are conducive to the size and shape of the body of the pot. I enjoy making this form and hope to continue working at it. I also hope to make a post of the process of making one to show you all how.I think its about time to load a bisque!


  1. The top picture reminds me of the evolution of man diagrams. You are very right how the form gets better each attempt, keep it up.

  2. You should make some flasks fit for kings, i really liked that one from a while ago but i think you could make some better ones now