Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bison tools

I recently purchased my first ever bison trimming tool. Phil puburka is making the tools out of his studio in las vegas. I have heard of bison tools by recomendation of countless potters. I have wanted to purchase my own for a long time and finally decided to. The reason that this is a big decision is because the tools are over $50. This sounds like alot of money for one single tool but it is well worth it.

First off the tool itself is a work of art. Great craftmanship is shown from the blade and throught the handle. Also the tool performs supirior to any tool i have ever used before. The blade will stay sharp for years. This tool will outlast any other trimming tool by at least five times the amount of use. And at ten dollars per regular trimming tool this justifies the cost.

I am very satisfied with my tool and would recomend it to anyone in search of never buying another trimming tool again!

1 comment:

  1. Those look nice, if I ever threw or trimmed pots I'd be tempted to buy one just because of the box it comes in. Maybe I'll buy one for my sister or Blake...