Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pots in Process

small covered jarslarge-ish pitcher
I worked a little in My studio on my Wednesday off from school. I finished up some pots made during this past weekend. I have been working on developing a good pitcher form and most have had this stamped and pushed out deco which i like. I think I like a split rim better than just the flat one. Also I think I need to leave a foot to trim. I like the extra stamping around the bigger stamps and I think I will continue to do this.
The covered jars were both made at the same time so they were sort of a little mini series. It is odd how when working in a series the pots change usually for the better. In my mini series the jar on the right was thrown first and the one on the left thrown second. Even from just making two the second jar was a little more bulbous and the shape a little better. Also the lid was a bit smaller which is what I wanted. The funny thing is that I decorated the one on the right second. This resulted in it having more decoration. I do like the simplicity on the left one though. All in all I think I learned a lot from these three pots and will continue to refine my ideas.

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