Monday, November 23, 2009


Top from left: Amy Burnham, Tom Turner, Ron Linn, Denis Miners
Bottom from left: Don Sprague, Don Sprague, Scott Mackey, Jeff Campana

Mugs are one of my favorite kinds of pots. Whether made by a mentor, teacher, friend, or just a potter that you admire, mugs are an intimate pot that communicate to the user. I believe that mugs communicate the makers personality and their personal style. While mugs seem to be a somewhat basic form, a lot of thought and planning goes into a well designed and made mug. The lip, handle size and shape, the shape of the mug, and the size of the mug are just a few of many considerations that I think of when making a mug. My point is that mugs are very commonly over looked as an economical or bread and butter pot. (they are made to sell). I believe that this is wrong. Mugs are usually one of the cheapest items a potter sells. With the recent desire for Japanese inspired pottery in the American society tea bowls and yunomi have become very popular forms. While I do appreciate the value of these pots I believe that they are a fad in America. I believe that a mug is the real "American tea bowl" even though American potters are selling tea bowls and yunomi for two and three times as much money as mugs. This is disturbing to me because the original beauty found in Japanese and Korean tea bowls was in the simplicity of them. The American society has turned this tea bowl form into the exact opposite. These are just my ideas, what do you think?

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