Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Redux Kiln on the way

I have recently taken on the project of building a small propane reduction kiln. The kiln has to be made on a cart to be transported from inside to outside due to school regulations. This posses several problems. First off the kiln must be a very stable and simple design to be able to be moved without dammage. The cart also introduces size limmitations.
I eventually came up with a plan for an about 7 cubic foot softbrick kiln(with the help of many people). The kiln has one 100,000 btu burner.
I am waiting for the shelves to arrive before i can fire it. The first couple of firings will be of all refiring woodfired pots. This is because i have a general idea of what these glazes should look like at the right temp. and right amout of reduction. I also have lots of pots that need to be refired from previous expiriments.
I hope to be able to fire soon(I will as soon as I get the shelves) and will post more about the kiln when I do fire it.

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