Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Journey of a Cup

First the cups are thrown on small square bats to a gauge. The bats allow me to leave them on bats but not take up alot of space. The gauge alows me to throw them all to pretty much the same size.

when the cups are soft leather hard (next day) they are paddled with a textured paddle to a pentagonal shape. They are then stamped with various small stamps on each face. Then they are turned over and allowed to dry to leather hard before trimming.

Not all of them make the cut!

Once leather hard they are trimmed and allowed to dry the rest of the way
Keep an eye out for the completion of these cups. I will post my glazing process and then a picture of the fineshed set!


  1. this is neat how you took pictures at pretty much all of the different steps you did to complete these cups. just wondering though, how many cups did you originally throw and did you only end up with five?

  2. I ended with five hense the picture of the one cut in half in the scrap box. I threw six hoping to end up with a set of four in the end to acount for firing loss and other mistakes.

  3. I had to rush through glazing these in an attempt to get them out in time fore NCECA. During that rush I droped to bisque cups, and was to lazy to screen the glaze and the lip of one of them cracked in the firing. so 6 cups to 0 cups.