Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping On

I've been keeping on in the studio trying to make some pots for my portfolio. I'm also trying to make a lot of pots because I find that when I unload a kiln all my pots are traded away or sent off to shows. I don't care to much about using and living with my own pots, but I think that it is good feed back to be able to use your pots and see what works and what doesn't. Aside from these pots I've got a bisque to hopefully unload tomorrow which should eventually leave me with some of my pots to keep. Ive been working on testing some cone six glazes so that I can become less dependant on wood firing. The only reason being that I have somewhat limited access to wood firing and I want to be able to finish more work. Also I think it will be cool to be able to have more control over my glazes and more of an idea how they will turn out. I am currently working on a very runny transparent amber glaze and an off white satin mate to use together. I have also been working on a celedon but after many frustrating tests has been put on hold. I have recently been working on making "My pots" as opposed to copying others. This is one of the reason I tried out the over the top handle on one of the teapots. I like the idea but the form needs a little tweaking. I feel I have some good ideas for making this new handle work, which is good and I am excited to see how they work. which handle do you like better? I also just threw these two lidded jars which I think I am going to try some new types of fluting on. That's all for now but I've got a post coming of my process of making cups from start to finish.

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