Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Made/ Found Tools

Tools are a very important part of being successful at whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. When it comes to pots, lots of very good tools can be bought at pottery supplies stores (mud tools and van guilder) to name a few. Although lots of tools are readily available sometime found objects can be used and or altered into a tool. Pretty much anything metal found in a hardware store can be used in one way or another. Door knobs, hacksaw/jigsaw blades, and drill bits are some of my favorites. Also wooden dowels work really well to carve into a stamp. Making your own tools, in my opinion, is a very important step into finding your own voice or style through your pots. Pretty much anything can be used in some way to aid your making process and seeing something where others may not can lead to amazing pots!



  1. I have a beagle too. I really like your comment about creating a stamp. I think it is really important to have a connection with what you are making.

  2. You even sound like an artist. I agree that it brings a new level of individuality to the work. Your doing some great stuff, keep it up.

    As for your question; I didn't get any color, I've got some more things I need to try though.