Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I just got some fresh pots from the wood kiln. Thanks to Mark Terry I was able to get a few pots into a recent firing at his Noble Hill Anagama. Marks kiln is built on his parents Christmas tree farm near Verbort Oregon. This was my third time firing at Marks kiln and every time has been awesome. I got a few other pots out of the kiln that I will post some pictures of soon. These two pots are the two that I have selected to enter into George Fox Universities High school Art North West show. The deadline for submissions was today so I had to photograph the pots and burn the images to disc(well thank you Amy for doing that) and then drive the disc up to Newberg to GFU. I cant complain though it was definitely worth it to get these two into the show!

1 comment:

  1. Matty, these are incredible! Seriously, looking at these leaves me yearning to hold the pots.

    Also, these are proof that Noble Hill is still turning out spectacular pots.

    If you have a lot of mugs for sale at some point let me know as I would love to have one of your pieces.

    later man.