Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faceted Bowls

I have been working on a series of faceted bowls. I cut the facets while the pot is still wet on the wheel, from top to bottom. I then further stretch the bowl out from the inside with a rib. Through making a series of this pot I have found several little details that I like. The first detail, yet another Simon Levin influence, is to angle the rim so that the highest point is at the outside edge. This meaning that the lip tapers into the bowl, similar to the lip of a cup, except more defined. When done before cutting the facets, this creates a more scalloped rim, which I like.

Another thing that I like to do with this pot is to make one of the facets different than the rest. Recently, I have done this by making two distinct plains in one of the facets, as apposed to the other single planed facets. I think that this creates a distinct focal point or front to the pot, yet it is still somewhat understated.
One of the most important details, I feel, for getting this pot "right" is the shape. I find that a wider, more flat bottomed shape helps to achieve the look I want. I also like the more closed in lip. I feel that this helps the pot to look more complete.
To facet these bowls I use A cheese slicer that is slightly modified. I took out the wire that comes in the slicer and replaced it with a very tight wire. This allows for more control and a cleaner more even cut, which I like. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. I do something very similar. Some time you might try faceting while the pot is moving slowly on the wheel. A different look, somewhat more dynamic.