Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have been working on continuing ideas lately. I have continued with refining the Simon Levin handle, as well as continuing my series of three handled bowls, and making a larger jar in the spirit of some small tea caddies I got out of the last firing.
I really like this mug for a variety of reasons. First off the texture "from a green scrubby pad" fires really nicely in the wood kiln. secondly the handle continues the line created by the profile of the cup. This allows for the handle to seem more of a integral part of the piece rather than an after thought. Lastly, the handle is very round and full which is what I strive for when making handles. This jar was inspired by some smaller tea caddies that I made for the last firing. I wanted to make a larger pot simply because I haven't done so in a while. This pot is not particularly large, just in relation to the pots I have been making as of late. It is nice to get back to throwing largish full bulbous forms. They are very satisfying to make and I am glad that I "still got it". This jar still needs to be trimmed Which is very important to my process (potentially a post on feet in the future)
I have continued my series of three handled bowls. I still have no idea about any details on the pot they are inspired by but I think my series is coming along nicely. I put the "green scrubby pad" texture on this pot and I am pretty excited about it. This one is also a bit larger than the first one I made. I think that the scale of the handles matches the form and work as an integral part of the piece.
Hopefully some images of pots from the most recent firing coming soon!


  1. these are pretty cool. i like your new type of handle, as well as the new texture. how were you planning on firing these?

  2. I think those pieces look awesome and I really like the texture you put on them!

  3. Keenan, they will be woodfired. I really like the way the texture looks in the woodkiln and I think it should look good on some larger peices.