Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Idea

I have been working away on some new ideas as well as continuing some. I have been making mugs inspired by Simon Levin and I am starting to become satisfied with them. The handles are the main factor that I am considering but I have also found that the form of the mug contributes a lot to the finished look of the handle.

I have also been working on a new idea. This three handled bowl was inspired by many different sources. My inspiration for putting three handles as opposed to two or four came from a post I read a couple of weeks ago on Scott Coopers blog. Scott would call this Tri-lateral Symmetry as opposed to Bi-lateral symmetry. The form of the pot was inspired by a pot that I found online that was apparently from the Song Dynasty. The pot, listed as a "Chinese Chun Yao double handle jar, song dynasty" can be found here . I have tried and failed miserably to research this pot. I am most interested in where specifically it is from and what it was used for. If anyone has any ideas or knows anything about this pot please let me know.

For my version of this mystery pot I think I would like it to be used as a small serving/fruit bowl or some kind of small planter. I really like this form and I think that it has some great potential. It would really help to know more about the pot I am inspired by.

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  1. I really like how you follow the ideas of other artist, but make it your own. You have a lot of talent in being able to make your own style. You are open to other artists ideas and at the same time do your own thing. Keep up the good work and keep making things your own