Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Teapot

I finished up another series of teapots today. I made two but I am not to happy with the other one so you only get to see this one. On this teapot I tried a new idea with the lid. I made a sort of hallow nob on it as opposed to the domed surface that I have used in the past. I think that a nob is necessary on these teapots because the handle makes the lids somewhat hard to take off and put on. I also made the handle fatter. I think that fat handles add a sense of comfort and security to the pot. I recently had someone say that they were afraid that the handle would break off of one of my teapots had they picked it up. This was somewhat of an eye opener to me so I am trying to solve that fear. I also played around with the spout a little attaching it wetter and at a higher angle. This allows me to integrate in more with the pot as opposed to it looking like an afterthought. This pot need to be cleaned up a little but I will do that when it is bone dry with a green scrubby pad. I have found that I have the most control doing it this way and it looks the least "fussy".

Let me know what you think.

1 comment:

  1. I like it all except for the lid. I think the form really flows with the spout and handle but the lid is too angular. Everything else is nice arcs but the lid is very sharp and doesn't seem to fit with the rest the form. It would be interesting to see this form with a more peaked handle if that makes sense. I think it would then flow better with the lid.