Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Covered Jar Series

I have continued to increase the size of my covered jars. I started this series with small tea caddy's and have progressed towards bigger jars. This jar is the largest so far and it is about 11 by 11 inches. I used the rope texture pattern on this jar like I have throughout this series. I feel that adding any sort of texture creates a more interesting pot. This texture also makes the pot a little bit out of round, which also makes the pot more exciting to me. I like these "loose" textures over the very clear round form. This underlying clarity of form is one of the major factors I look for in a "good pot".


  1. Matty. I like the liveliness of the walls in this pot. They speak of texture and inner volume while capturing the quality of wet clay that all potters love. Now can you get that feeling into the lid?

  2. thanks simon,
    I have been trying some things with the lids. I texture the top section of the lid, which also creates and undulating line on the edge of the top section. I have been trying to address the outside lip of the lid but need to come up with some ideas to liven it up.