Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cone 6

I have talked a little bit about some of the cone 6 glazes I have been messing around with and finally got some finished pieces. The dark amber glaze is a glaze that we have had in the studio for a while. I like the glaze but it could be better. The off white matte is a glaze that I made from a recipe I got from Jeff Campana. I took the base recipe and tried some line blends with different colorants. The glaze I liked ended up being the base with 4% rutile added. I like the way the glazes turned out; however, I have since got my reduction kiln working and am starting to test glazes for cone 10. I think that the accessibility and ease of firing in an electric kiln is very attractive, but I don't think that it is what my pots want right now.

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