Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Direction

I recently got a new mug made by Simon Levin. I was very inspired by this mug and had to give it a go. The mug is very different from the current style of pots that I am making which of course caused me to question everything I have been making. This mug I think, demonstrates the "language of clay" as Simon calls it, very well. The thing I like most about Simon's pots, and this mug in particular, is that they are very well made and thought out without being overly refined. Simon also achieves incredible surfaces in his wood fired pots by a method that he discovered which he talks about in this podcast. The podcast is somewhat lengthy but is very interesting and informative.
Simon's ability to create these amazing pots is very inspirational to me and may be leading my pots in a new direction. The ability to show the amount of skill that Simon's pots do without being over refined amazes me. I think that my pots have become over refined. I hope to be able to implement this "less is more"
philosophy into my pots.

(My new Simon Levin mug)

(New cup I just got from Tom Turner today)
I also just got a new cup from Tom Turner today! Although Tom's cup and Simon's cup seem to be on the two ends of the pottery spectrum they both offer a quality that I look for in my work. Both cups are very well made and show the tremendous skill of the potter who made them. Both pots are truly amazing and I am extremely happy to be able to add them to my collection.


  1. Nice texture, what do you use to get it? Im not too crazy about the handles though. Ill have to see it finished.

    The Tom Turner cup looks like bamboo, that's pretty cool.

  2. The texture was made with a paddle. The handles are tough, I was trying to make one finger handles and that is a real challenge for me. I pulled about a million handles off of these cups and cut them off and repeated. I ended up liking the handles, I think you will like them better in person.

  3. I really like the concept of "less is more" and would love to see it applied to your work. If anyone could figure out how to make this work, you can. Although, I don't think your pots have become too refined. While you refine your pots, you add in a very personalized style to them (everyone knows when they're looking at a Matty pot).

  4. The problem is that they are really Tom Turner pots