Wednesday, September 23, 2009


wood fired teapot (noble hill anagama) woodfired mug (noble hill anagama)
Woodfired garden lantern (east creak anagam)

I thought that for my first blog post it would be a good idea to post a few pictures of recent work and discus the purpose of this blog. I started making pots at the begining of last school year, so i have been making pots for a little over a year. I am now, in my junior year of high school, participating in an AP 3-Dementional design class and am required to create a blog for that class.
I have wanted to create a blog for a couple of months now after reading brandon phillips, kyle carpenters, and mickeal klines blogs to name a few. I have not been motivated enough to do so until now. This blog will consist of events occuring in my AP 3D class as well as the pots I make this year.
In the Ap 3D class our goal is to create a portfolio of 20 works of art created within the last year to be submitted for review to the colledge board. the portfolio is split into three sections consentration, breath, and quality. consentration consisting of 11 works, breath 9, and the quality section is detail images of your best works within the portfolio.
Thats all I have for now but I have started working on a small downdraft propane reduction kiln at school so i will eventually have some info on that up.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new blog

this is my new blog for Ap 3-d design class.