Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rice Bowls

I just finished making some rice bowls. I was inspired to make this form by Simon's rice bowls that you can get at Red Lodge and AKAR. Starting from Simon's bowl I chose to accentuate certain details that I liked, as well as adding some. The biggest thing I changed was adding a lid. I have seen this style of lid on some Japanese rice bowls, the kind you get at a restaurant with rice or miso soup. I like this lid because the knob is really a foot. This foot being at the top of the pot makes it the focal point of the entire pot. This is a really interesting detail to me because usually feet are not looked at very closely. This makes it impossible to ignore the foot. I have also found that making both of the feet the same diameter helps to balance the proportions of the pot.
Another detail I have chosen to emphasize on this pot is the transition from the thrown surface to the trimmed surface. I like having a clear distinction in the form between the two plains, I feel that this helps to balance out the abrupt transition from the lip of the bowl to the lid.
I have a lot to go off of from making only two of these bowls and I am excited to continue this series. I think I may make some with out lids as well as with different textures. I also want to make some with deeper feet as well as a deeper gallery for the lid to sit in.